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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Guitar

I am a musician and a poet, a wordsmith, a minstrel, and my worlds collide in songs to soothe soul and change life.
I am a wanderer on the earth.
I am a keeper of the Songlines, a troubadour singing the world into its being with my poems and songs.

Today I am a hostess at Bob Evans =) Somehow after the other lovely ideas and things I've been and shall be it seems like a quiet desperation to say that, but I love the job, and its a new thing that scares me. Strange as it may be, I'm just now getting over being intimidated by sitting people in booths and tables and telling them to enjoy their meal. But if you asked me to play at the freakin Carnegie Hall with my guitar in front of me, I'd feel safe. My guitar is my shield and salvation between me and that swirling world out there.

The other day I saw a young man walking with long hair loose and waved and a guitar strapped to his back, sort of shambling along. It was raining and grey and I was driving home from work where I'd been safe inside in a car safe inside to home to be safe inside. And I wanted to be him. I wanted to be shuffling down the street with a guitar and strolling off to somewhere and feeling that rain and being in it.
So the next day I grabbed my bike and headed to my sister's in the rain, whooping. And in the cold grey rainy muddy earth, I worked in the garden and felt love for it all warming me. I was that girl with her hair loose, whooping down the road with her bike in the cold.

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