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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Lady

I walked across the street to Frosty Boy today and a lady was there, toothless, small, husky voiced. She met me and began a barrage of words.
"Get you a game and a plan and a game plan. Then watch out!" and she demonstrated my solemn game planned march into the future, glad.
"We're gonna feel sorrow and joy and this life, its your choice what you hold on to. I'm bi polar so I have to choose really hard. Honey, I was drawn to you, you know what I mean? You don't have a mask like some girls. Layers of makeup or some tattoo scrawled on your arm, hair five different colors."
She spit on me, a little orange sherbet lightly on my chin from her swollen smoke burned tongue. I wiped it, grinning.
"O did that hit you? I'm so so sorry!" and she hugged me and I held her frail form for a second, gingerly because I was afraid she'd break with any pressure.
"But like I was sayin, I've been through three husbands. I don't need to spread these legs anymore, know what I mean? I like you a lot, you'd be good for my youngest son. He's 27 but he needs to grow up first, see? He donates his sperm all the time. Who knows how many kids he has. My pothead husband, the last one, he told me he wanted a baby with me so we did. All day he'd smoke pot and look at porn and I didn't care because he let me go shake my ass at parties. I never hooked up. He was my hook up at home, he'd hooked me. So we'd be like that all day but he wanted a kid so we did - a miracle it was - his sperm was so slow and lazy. Sleepy sperm, from all that pot. Know what I mean?"
I never seemed to know what she meant when she was asking me, but I settled up against the rail, my cone long gone, and thought of how I looked to people as I nodded with her.
"My niece came up to my nephew the other day and *flouncy* asked him if he wanted to 'hook up' with her. I drew her aside and asked her what she meant and she thought she was talkin about hangin out. Oh no! I told her she better watch cuz she's a pretty little thing, next person she asks may take her seriously. Men are men, ya know what I mean? I told my husband if he wanted to lose his other nut, go ahead and try with me. You'll be nutless, I told him. And he was a big man. You can't girl talk sometimes, you just lay it on the line. That was not gonna happen to me again. See though, there's so many people walkin around on something. Crack, meth, heroin..."
She listed with her bony yellow crooks of fingers. I was looking in her hazel eyes at my own dim reflection in the brightness of her spontaneous open soul pools.
"You stay as long as you can but when the time comes, do what you need to, know what I mean?"
And I did. I knew exactly what she meant.

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