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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Everything happens for a reason"

Last night I was strolling in the first real rainfall I've been in, covered over with the bright orange poncho a woman named Eileen gave me along the way. 
"Honey, we used this for our kids soccer games and that's long gone. You have it."
Well, I figured since I was being given it that I would need it; so it was. That seems to be the way with things. I pray along the road. So here I was in the rain and I hadn't thought to ask, I was seeking out a shelter myself. I was right near a pavilion here in Tipp City and feeling mighty grateful for it. Just then I heard a voice, and I unraveled myself from the mess of orange I was in and this nice man who seemed about late sixties ( he's 77!) invited this poor urchin home. 
"Everything happens for a reason." He told me first thing, and we talked about that til we got to his wife's thrift shop and she gave me the white long shirt I've been tryin to find cheap for a week. 
At Reevis Mountain, we talked about how the universe conspires together with you when you're doing the right thing, what you were born for, what you love. Well darlin I'm there :) 
So I slept in outta the rain last night and had philosophical talk with a Methodist. This wide land! It's not enough for me that the earth spins and spins and spins, I have to go cartwheeling across the sphere, turning and turning in my own private joy and suffering, out and out like ripples on pond, skipped rock in the quiet sundown.


  1. LeahLeahLeahLeah! I have no words! Just so happy for you!

  2. Leah! I hope you indeed find what you are looking for, but you be VERY careful along the way. There is plenty of evil in this world that may desire to intervene with your plans. So, be leery. I wish you much luck and I look forward to your adventures along the way. More importantly, I look forward to seeing your smiling face once again at Reevis Mountain School!