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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Reason

They've been telling me, the people I meet, the reason I'm walking. They seem to know it more clearly than I do. A soulful ex preacher told me, when I'd told him some of the little miracles, that I was on a faith walk. "Any time you meet anyone now, say praise The Lord and it'll open doors. I'm tellin you sister... You got a wall of protection."
And I do... It is a sort of walk of faith, I ask for my daily bread, a place to sleep, to get cleaned up. I asked for Starbucks coffee out in nowherville and the next morning someone gave me some. "Starbucks just for you" she said. 
Next day a rotten toothed kind hearted hick pulled up and when I told him I was walkin across the country, he laughed and said, "oh so this is just for exercise." 
Having walked 25 miles the day before, I felt it was a valid idea.
But sometimes they don't get it, any which way they look at it it makes no sense. A concerned man pulled up and grabbed my tarp off my stuff in the rain, looking for a baby. He stood with me awhile in the torrent, trying to give me a ride into town. I didn't mind the rain, was in fact singing in it and thought maybe  it did the old guy good to stand out in it for a moment with me, out of his metal box, if not his box of thought. 
"When you find yourself" said a nun from a monastery I stayed in days ago, "go home. It's dangerous out here."
She had it wrong, of all of then who've told me my purpose... Myself has never gone missing. I've never wandered that far out of the quiet voice inside to "lose myself". 
But I am looking for something, I admit. An answer, a door, a voice... All I know is I've heard the call, and don't need a reason.