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Friday, October 18, 2013

Superstition Mountains

I had a lizard on my back this afternoon, just sitting there looking at me, boldfaced. I took him outside for some fresh air. He and I are out here in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, living on a farm with a bunch of turkeys and chickens and ducks and a few other people. We all get along and run around looking busy and making noise. A few days ago six women came up for a herb class and we had huge potluck style meals and learned how to make tinctures and salves with the herbs in our very own backyards to make ourselves feel better.
This is really one of the most wonderful places in the universe I've found, Reevis Mountain School of Self Reliance. The second time here and still learning. When Patricia met me at the airport we had to hug about five times, laughing the whole time, to really express how happy we were to see each other.
I've been cooking breakfast and supper for us, which includes harvesting greens and veggies straight from the garden. It feels so right to live and eat this way. The huge separation between me and the source of my food is obliterated. From house to garden, rather than from house to Florida or even overseas... you never know what to expect when growing your own food this way. The other day I grabbed a golden delicious off its tree and it stung me! I threw it down and watched a yellow jacket fly out of a cavity in it. I'm rather grateful not to have bitten into the yellow jacket. I came running down to the house and we threw a cotton swab on it with a soaking of plantain tincture, and the redness and swelling went down within fifteen minutes. I've been stung before and it doesn't happen like that... Yay for nature knowing exactly what medicine we need and growing plants with those properties!
Did you hear me say I ran? Yeah... somehow the limping I'd experienced, even in the airport prior to arriving here disappeared within the first few days. What was it, mountain air? I've been really exploring my newfound capabilities, running here and there, sitting indian style... Incredibly grateful for my healing <3
My back has been out of whack still from the accident, but Peter went to school for a bit of chiropractoring, so he's been adjusting me. I guess what my back needs now is a good long walk.
And as you know, no place seems to be able to hold me for very long these days. I'm headed out in the beginning of November to walk up the coast from San Diego to San Fransisco... that is if there are no more bones broken or nonsense like that.

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