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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Healed and walking

Just now I stood to walk and my legs... Well, it was that old bone weary road weary glad feel in every aching muscle. 
I'm shocking myself here... I'm on the road again how did this happen where did I begin? It's deep in me, this wanderlust.
San Diego. I came with Patricia, from Reevis Mountain, AZ, to hear Jesus (in the reincarnated, highly debated form of AJ Miller - he could call himself Garfield the cat reincarnated, and I'd still enjoy his teachings). So there we were, Patricia and I, at the doggie beach, wading. Suddenly she fell back into the water, and I stood in awe until my free spirit caught up to me and I jumped in behind clothes and all. It was that kind of day. We played like little girls til sunset. Who has been as alive as we? Or as free? Or as sad and shadowed?
That night I realized, yes. I need to walk this coast and love it and be in this water, for weeks, for months! As I realized this a young man came up behind me, with a huge green pack on his back. He said he'd carried it from LA to San Diego, and told me all about his adventures over dinner.
So it's been a few days and here I go, exploring again in the outer to see what is transformed in the inner. 
Today I met an Italian woman street painter, and she told me about her twin. 
I went into a Piano shop and sang my songs for an old man named Peter who's wife is about to die. He told me about his summer long journey when he was my age. He told me he'll be lost without his wife.
I ran into a man named Raymond who had run out of gas, and we went to the gas station to get his car going again. 
That's the kind of days I have, on the road. And tonight a couchsurfing host is letting me sleep on the rooftop, just near the water. Who is as blessed as I am? Or as weary? Or as glad?

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