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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ocean Beach

Journal entry November 7, 2013
How could I describe this day to you in all of its detail? I woke on a rooftop by the beach. Jason, (my couchsurfing host) and I had some coffee and eggs and I set off for the water.
"Live what you love" said a voice behind me. He was reading my shirt to me. He was doing yoga, and I ran back and started copying his movements. Like Kerouac did with Moriarty. Later I would follow him through the streets, hollering songs, petting dogs "the only ones for me are the mad ones..."
Three Brazilian surfers were dancing by us, to the old guy playin tunes. (Neil young, bob Dylan... Croooning) they started crawling around like animals on the prowl and soon my Moriarty joined them, as did I and we laughed and grabbed a bottle and ran in odd formations catching it. I was a pro athlete. I was a gazelle. It felt like first grade. Then this guy from the Bahamas started teaching us how to block,  and do cartwheels. Tai chi blocking, hands in circles together. Three of us cartwheeling in a circle, to the other persons' spot. And Daniel (my Moriarty) got us lunch -bananas and brownies, and we went singing down the street "California!" The beautiful people of California were peering at us from behind sunglasses, amazed. We didn't care! We were talking about ego in the hologram and the field. We met Q soon after and he hugged me right away, and everyone hugged at every greeting, like it's meant to be. Q showed us putting sand slowly through both hands again and again, then suddenly drop it and see what your eyes see. He says that's like your karma manifesting. Wild stuff. I loved these ppl! But I need to head on up... If I have any kind of mission, with all this wander yondering. They told me stay, why waste my time in the cold... I don't care. There are more beautiful souls to meet.
We sang bob Dylan , big guy named mike in overalls playin ... Beautiful guy named Ozzie on harmonica. Sad sad to leave them in a way. Maybe I'll see where they are tomorrow and follow them around... Bad idea, I know. I'll keep to my course.
One of the bums had his dog loose and it ticked off the lifeguard who came over to assert his dominance. 
Mike gave him hell and he left. You could tell he thought he was better than all of us out there enjoying the ocean, cuz he was on the job ya know? It was sad to see him like that, so domineering and afraid. I realized I still judge these people who I was hanging out with, still giving myself a curfew and shit. When will I let it all happen??
Still, an incredibly lovely day <3
We collect moments with each other , like little marbles of joy. Daniel picked up a rock and handed it to me. "It's a gratitude rock" he said.
What incredible teachers I have on this journey! 
The entire journey is worth it for just this one day of true living. I danced with strangers turned quickly to friends. ( we hugged in parting, natural, alive!!) 
Another rooftop night. 
This is what I meant. Beautiful...

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