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Friday, December 6, 2013

Cardboard and Cinderella on the streets

I'm sitting in a room with an Argentinian, Armenian/Jordanian, Syrian... And the house belongs to a Saudi Arabian.:) ya man
We're just a lot of people livin lovely life side by side. 
Yesterday I passed through Venice and it was sensory overload... So many potheads, I was offered weed three times. Once it was in exchange for my guitar. 
I'm talkin to these three kids with cardboard signs about money for beer and a quarter toss... And up comes this black guy with his dog and a knife in his hand! He was threatening this guy I was talking to because he had two loose dogs. And the whole time some guy is blasting out by us on the bagpipes. So after the knife was pulled I kept going and started playin my guitar on the corner and these other homeless come up and start tellin me I have a pretty smile, and offer me beer and weed in exchange for my music. Then I pass the people offering food and I look homeless with my pack so they give me some and it tasted like lukewarm baby food. But a lovely boy of 26 comes up and he wants to eat with me and I say ok and he's so loud and we we're yelling shit and he gives me his sweater to wear so I really look homeless now, hood up. And he's laughing, sayin to me,
"Are you stoned? Cuz I'm stoned ya man"  But I knew he was a homeless stoner and I could easily morph into that too... So we just had a hilarious time together. And there was this girl nearby getting filmed in a blue short dress blonde and updo and she was Cinderella modern day and skankier. Some guy passed looking intelligent and I yelled to him that she looked like Cinderella and he agreed in an Italian accent and soon after I realized he was the director. 
The kid I was with was sayin he'd take care of me and all this and we really barely talked about anything cuz we were in the moment. I got paranoid and Mohammed texted me and I decided to leave and poor stoner boy was sad and wanted my number but I said "what about a hug, isn't that better?" And he picked me up and spun me around <3 and I realized I love boys so much. 
Biking with music in my ears was such an incandescently beautiful thing and so I reveled in it and allowed myself to be in that moment and sang aloud and people grinned or frowned as their love allowed.
Are you smiling?